“One Child” was named one of five must-read books in the first issue of the Economist’s 1843:

One Child by Mei Fong
A decade from now, the number of Chinese bachelors will outstrip the entire population of Saudi Arabia, and there will be more Chinese retirees than Europeans. As China begins to phase out its one-child policy, Mei Fong, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who first started reporting on China for the Wall Street Journal in 2003, looks at a rule which has, for 35 years, dictated the way one in six people in the world are born, live and die. She combines tough, broad economic analysis with individual stories. The Chinese have so thoroughly internalised the mindset that a one-child policy is ideal, she believes, that it won’t be easy “to flip the baby switch” back on. ~ MAGGIE FERGUSSON

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