Episode 75: China Special with Mei Fong

A Pulitzer prize-winning author joins us for this episode! Mei Fong tells us all about her book, One Child: The Story of China’s Most Radical Experiment, and why China is full of horny young men these days.

The chat gets a bit serious as we discuss the realities of the One Child policy, and one of us has a little cry. We also talk about Mei’s experiences of miscarriage and IVF.

But then it’s back to the usual old nonsense as Mei tells us about the time she met the queen sporting the world’s dodgiest perm, and why suburban America is the strangest place she’s ever lived. We finish up with Scummy Mummy Confessions, and Ellie almost throws Mei off the podcast for slagging off Marie Kondo.

Mei’s brilliant book is out now. You can read more about her at meifong.org, and follow her on Twitter @meifongwriter.

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Listen here.